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OTIS - is the world leader in the production of elevators, escalators and travelators.

Gen 2 Premier

Link to the prospectus GEN 2 Premier

Link to the prospectus GEN 2 Premier Design

ReGen drives offer significant power savings while helping to execute the requirements of international standards and even exceed it. Saving energy up to 75% compared to conventional elevator system in combination with a variable frequency drive and gearless GeN2. Savings in operating costs by reducing peak loads and reduce power consumption.

Electronic system PULSET M is monitoring the status and integrity of the polyurethane belt's steel ropes 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It warns in advance of the need to replace the belt. It’s not only increases the reliability and security, but also reduces downtime of elevator, which is required for inspection.

Through the use of reinforced steel ropes and polyurethane belts, winch design occupies only 50% of the volume of conventional geared winch. The reduced dimensions of the winch also mean a reduction of inertia due to the sharp reduction in energy consumption at the stage of acceleration.

Patented by Otis gentle polyurethane belts reinforced with steel ropes, allow the use of a more compact, energy-efficient winch. Flexible belts thickness of 3 mm and a width of 30mm lighter than traditional steel ropes by 20%, and their service life is 2-3 times longer than of the ropes.

With durability ten times longer than the life of ordinary fluorescent light sources, LED lighting fixed as standard in the elevator systems GeN2 PREMIER. In addition to saving operating costs, elevator rarely needs to stop for maintenance and lamp replacement, which reduces downtime. Also important that an automatic shutdown mode allows up to 80% energy savings compared with fluorescent lighting. Finally, improving the quality of lighting, because LED lamps are not affected by flickering characteristic of fluorescent sources.

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