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Otis is the largest and the most famous in the world manufacturer of elevators, escalators and travelators. The company has manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world, so that the elevators are made in Russia, including factory, which is located in Russia. Elevators models are range from simple elevator for cottage till hi-tech elevators for skyscraper.

The Otis has more than 62 000 employees. Almost everyone in the world at least once moved in the elevator or escalator Otis. Every third elevator in the world is Otis Elevator Company. Products of the company are widely used in more than 200 countries.

Otis has two highest towers in the world for testing elevators. One of them is located in Japan, the tower consist of 154 meters above the ground and 27 meters below ground level, and the second, which is located in the United States and has 117 meters above the ground.

Passenger elevators OTIS, produced in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

OTIS 2000R

Link to the data sheet OTIS 2000R
Machine roomis located above and has all the latest technologies and innovations. It has a high quality, accurate stop, made of high-strength materials. Based on the gear winch. Able to make from 17 to 24 stops per trip. The maximum height of the elevator - 85 meters. It has capacity from 400 to 1000 kg and a speed of 1 to 1.6 m / s.


Link to the data sheet OTIS Gen 2
The most modern line of elevators, created with the latest generation of environmental technologies. All materials used in the elevator are environmentally friendly, and during operation and maintenance, elevators do not produce any hazardous waste. Additionally, this series of elevators consume 50% less energy than conventional elevators. The mechanism uses direct drive system that provides smooth operation and quiet operation of the elevator, no vibration and the full comfort for passengers. Machine room at this series is missing, as well as a large range of different colors. Thanks to special technology, the elevators are very quick to install and, if necessary, can be dismantled.


Link to the data sheet OTIS Gen 2 PREMIER

Link to the data sheet OTIS Gen 2 Premier Design
The new upgraded version of the previous series. It has a velocity of 1 to 1.6 m/s and the capacity from 400 to 1000 kg. The maximum height to which elevators are able to climb - 90 meters, and they can make up to 30 stops per trip. The model is made in versions for both elevators with machine room, and without it. The mechanism uses gearless and elevator machine room at the top. This series uses technologies which allow to save energy (75%) and does not pollute the environment. A wide range of colors and decoration materials allows the elevator in this series fit well into any interior space. Elevators have excellent air conditioning, LED lighting and a sleep mode, to save power. Distinguished by a special smooth movement, lack of noise and vibration, thanks to polyurethane belts used in the lifting mechanism. Stopping accuracy is only + - 3 mm.


Link to the data sheet OH 5000
In the production of panoramic elevators, manufacturers have focused on visual appeal and prepared a very wide range of color, texture, accessories and lighting. The ceiling of the cab can be selected from 9 variants, as well as lighting. Plenty of options for materials and appearance and has a floor and handrails for the elevator. Panoramic elevators have a lifting capacity from 1000 to 1600 kg and a speed of 1 to 2.5 m / s. Cabs of panoramic elevators can be various shapes, with flat walls, with round or diamond-shaped. And glazing in the cab can be a wall or on all sides. For panels and frames panoramic elevators high-strength stainless steel is used.

Vertical lifts OTIS

Link to the data sheet of the vertical lift
Very simple and easy to install, it can be installed even in buildings where the elevator did not provided. It requires only an opening size of 1.4 by 1.6 meters, thus can be installed directly on the floor without a pit. It looks almost like a standard lift elevator, a more compact size. It does not have a machine room, which further saves space. The doorway of the elevator is 90 cm to 2 meters. It has capacity up to 400 kg and a speed of 0.15 meters per second. The design of the cabin can be very different, as well as loading of the elevator can occur in different ways.

Escalators OTIS XO-508

Link to the data sheet OTIS XOP-508
It is universal, can be installed anywhere on the station, at the airport, on the subway or shopping center. It has the highest level of security. Making escalators occurs in a flexible manner. It’s powered by winch of increased efficiency and drive, which saves energy and therefore costs. The angle may be 30 or 35 degrees, the step width from 60 cm to 1 meter, the maximum lifting height up to 8 meters, and the speed of the escalators is 0.5 m / s.

Travelators OTIS XOP

Link to the data sheet XOP
Travelators are made with all the necessary requirements for their use. This series is constantly modernized and made more perfect, based on the results of ongoing monitoring of competitors' products, and surveys of passengers. It is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets and airports. It is made in two variants, fully horizontal or tilted. It has a special coating for easy transport trucks. Distinguished with high quality, durability, safety, reliability, elegant design and a wide variety of different functions. The angle may be 10, 11 or 12 degrees, and the speed up to 0.5 m / s. The width of the steps varies from 80 cm to 1 meter and a maximum lifting height of 10 meters.