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Video Surveillance in the Elevator

All modern buildings are equipped with video surveillance systems. Elevators are no exception. This is done for security reasons, as illicit activities frequently take place in the elevator cars. Acts of vandalism also serve as an incentive for the installation of video surveillance in elevators. Elevators are technically complex equipment that demands a high safety requirement. If you want to have a control over what is happening in the elevator car, contact the company TEDOL.

TEDOL installs video surveillance systems directly in the elevator cars. Our company also installs cameras at private houses, offices, cottages, shops, shopping malls, etc., we connect video to monitoring and dispatch systems. We work with equipment offered by market leaders, i.e. Hikvision, NoviCam, Dahua, Bosch, Hiwatch, Infinity.

видеонаблюдение в лифте


The average cost of a video surveillance system ranges between 500 and 2000 Belarusian rubles and this includes the set of equipment and installation of the system. The price may be lower or higher depending on the type of video surveillance system. The cost of installation falls on the shoulders of all tenants of the house. Based on the experience, we should say that in a 25-apartment house it costs about 40 Belarusian rubles per apartment.

How to order the installation

    1. Send a request or call us for advice.
    2. After accepting the application, a specialist will visit you to determine whether it is possible to install a camera in the elevator car and to record technical features.
    3. Engineering department of our company will develop design and estimate documentation (DED).
    4. A cost estimate will be prepared and the cost of equipment and installation will be specified.
    5. Coordination with the Customer. The installation begins only after design and estimate documentation is approved.

We’d like to draw your attention to the aspects as follows: design and installation require a special permit (License). Only accredited organizations ensure high  quality of work performed and give a 5-year warranty. In order to avoid legal and technical problems, do not trust such work on video surveillance to organizations that do not have the required permits.

TEDOL performs security activities under License No. 33030/21612 (design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of security systems) issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

We deal with the challenges as follows:

Video surveillance in the elevator helps to solve a number of tasks to meet a house-specific needs.

Technical issues that determine the video surveillance system installation:

Elevator equipment

Elevator CCTV surveillance system has specific features depending on the car of a particular manufacturer. During installation, we make initial adjustment to a particular elevator’s car. There are several types of cameras. We strongly recommend the installation of vandal proof cameras.

антивандальная камера

The vandal proof security camera is a video camera outfitted with a special case (usually polycarbonate), which withstands  impacts of about 650 kg/s, and a special metal housing to ensure extra  integrity. Due to the fact that such cameras are often mounted in the streets, they must be protected from precipitation, sudden changes in temperature and humidity. IP codes are assigned to such cameras. This ensures high reliability of vandal proof security cameras and their durability.

Комплект лифтового оборудования

Vandal proof security cameras can be installed at any place, so video surveillance systems are potentially exposed to risks. Such cameras are most often mounted in subways, schools, shops, entrances and street crossings, i.e. the places, where the probability of mechanical damage to the camera is rather high. Conventional cameras are deprived of advantages of vandal proof cameras, but conventional cameras are distinguished by a better price.

комплект оборудования для видеонаблюдения

The video surveillance system includes:

The wired system is much more difficult from the point of view technical performance and requires extra wires and cables.

General installation rules

The radio signal transmitter is mounted above the elevator car. The radio signal receiver is installed in the elevator machine room. The case of these devices is protected from the influence of external hazards - dust, dirt, water.
The camera and the transmitter are interconnected by a wire responsible for the local signal. It gets from the security camera to the transmitter by modulating frequencies.

When choosing in favor of a wired camera surveillance system, it should be taken into consideration that all the wires and cables shall be installed inside the elevator shaft. The equipment shall be installed in such a way as to prevent excessive influence of the elevator mechanism. Almost any high-quality CCTV camera is suitable for installing the system. The data is transferred through UTP cable, the power is supplied over such cable using the PoE technology.

Installing a wireless video surveillance system takes several hours, while installing a wired camera system will take much longer.

Wired and wireless security camera systems

Wired and wireless security cameras can be used for video surveillance. The first option ensures good resolution of the picture and signal continuity. This is due to the absence of extra modules (receivers and signal transmitters) between the camcorder and  recorder. Wired camera surveillance system implies technical difficulties in installation. The selection of special cables and wires that restrain tension requires specialized training.

The wireless system is easy to install, as it does not require extensive work on the installation of additional wires and cables.

The wireless elevator surveillance system shall meet several requirements:
  1. Resilience to electromagnetic interference.
  2. Vibration absorption.

The camera shall be placed so as to show the entire area of the elevator. The camera is usually installed in the upper corner opposite the door. The place is selected taking into account all mechanical effects on the equipment.

Consent of the tenants

The most frequent initiator of the installation of video surveillance systems is the homeowners association (HOA). In this case, legal responsibility falls on their shoulders. But it happens that the initiative comes from the tenants themselves. This encourages the use of all legal regulations necessary for the proper use of surveillance cameras.

The very first legal aspect is the consent of the tenants living in the house. It is enough to collect signatures of all tenants. The idea shall be deemed adopted if 51% of tenants give their consent (voted ‘for’). Signatures shall be collected at a meeting convened, since this is the only way to determine the degree of participation of tenants and their direct expression of will. The decision of all tenants shall be recorded, the documents shall be taken to an elevator company that provides elevator repairs and service.

Then a contract for the installation of the elevator video surveillance system shall be signed, and in some time all the necessary equipment will be installed and activated.